¿Why choosing Catering Rice?

Long experience

We have had over 18 years experience as a catering services provider.

Personalized attention

Communication is essential, that is why our team of professionals is prepared to help you at any time for anything you may need.

Quality products

The key of the success of any dish is the raw ingredients it is made of.

Tailored service

We know that every event is unique and that is why at Catering Rice we have the necessary resources to adapt to your needs.

Excellent presentation

Because you do not just need to be good, but you also have to look good.

Resources and infrastructure

Our facilities are fitted with the most modern appliances for industrial kitchens. We also offer a rental service for marquees, lighting, heating and music, and we have a fleet of vehicles which is totally equipped and approved to guarantee the quality of our services.

Good value for money

As usual, virtue is in balance.

Catering Rice